May Update

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace May update -

Keeping our members in the loop about upcoming events, program improvements, recently uploaded materials and marketplace performance. Here are a few highlights:

  • Several new materials have been added to the marketplace including: limestone screenings, industry safety fencing, water treatment residuals, and more!

  • 739 members are now on the Marketplace.

  • The marketplace has helped divert about 1696 tons (3,391,290 pounds) from the landfill!

  • A Year 1 report will be made available soon.

  • The next Ohio By-Product Synergy Network’s meeting will be held next Tuesday, June 5, 2018 and is hosted by Nexeo Solutions in Dublin, Ohio. To register for the meeting CLICK HERE.

Read on for more details, and as always, thank you for being part of our program.

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New Materials Available:

Limestone Screenings (CaCO3)

25000 cubic feet of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) limestone screenings with some small chips mixed in (less than 2%).

Suggested Uses: Agricultural soil amendment, coating for shingles, landscaping base material

More information here

Reprocessed Black Polypropylene - Talc Fill

80,000 pounds first generation, automotive-grade, post-industrial,  reprocessed and pelletized talc-filled black polypropylene.  Original certs available on request.

Suggested Uses: Feedstock material.

More Information here



Blue food grade chemical container
Sixteen 6 gallon food graded chemical containers (HDPE) generated weekly.  They are triple rinsed after use.

Suggested Uses: Use as is, pelletize the HDPE plastic for remanufacturing.

More Information here


Marketplace Metrics

Current Metrics:

  • 739 Members

  • 132 Available Material Postings

  • 47 Wanted Material Postings

  • 12 Completed Transactions

  • 3,391,290 pounds (1696 tons) material exchanged/diverted

  • Total member cost savings: $153172

  • Total Environmental Benefit: 140.4 MTCO2 reduction (U.S. EPA WARM model estimates)

  • Materials diverted from the landfill include plastic bottle caps (4.6 tons), wooden pallets (0.28 tons), E-waste (0.63 tons), plastic drums (7 tons), steel drums (3.75 tons), specialty vermiculite (25 tons), giant magnet (0.1 tons), carbon black (15 tons), spent lime (1624 tons) and polypropylene cloth balls (15 tons).

A summary of the benefits of the first four quarters of operation of OMM.

A summary of the benefits of the first four quarters of operation of OMM.

Tip of the Month: Check back often for updated posts and new materials.