June Update

Dear Members,

We respectfully ask that all successful transactions be reported in a timely manner through the OMM per the user agreement.  This information is important to demonstrate the value of the platform.  

Thank you for your participation.

                                                                                   OMM Management Team

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace June update -

Keeping our members in the loop about upcoming events, program improvements, recently uploaded materials and marketplace performance. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Ohio Materials Marketplace - Year One Report is now available, click here to view the report.

  • Several new materials have been added to the marketplace including: fiber drums, sodium chloride, wooden patterns for sand casting, construction site fill materials, re-usable ice packs, and more!

  • 751 members are now on the Marketplace.

  • The marketplace has helped divert more than 1710 tons (3,420,000 pounds) from the landfill!

  • We are actively working to improve the Marketplace. We recently contacted everyone who joined OMM but has not created a posting to offer assistance and gather feedback. Our next exercise will be to determine if older postings are still accurate and available.

  • The next Ohio By-Product Synergy Network’s meeting is currently scheduled for August 15th, location TBD.

Read on for more details, and as always, thank you for being part of our program.

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New Materials Available:

Fiber Drums

Over 200 fiber drums of variable sizes.  There are 100 - 44 gallon drums, 100 - 18 gallon drums and ten 28 gallon drums available.  The associated lids are included.  The facility also has reusable ice packs available on the Marketplace.

Suggested Uses: Use as is for storage, shipping or recycling bins

More information here

44 gallon fiber drum.jpg

Sodium Chloride

37 tons of salt stored in supersacks.  The salt was manufactured over the past 2 years and has hardened so is no longer suitable for the original application.

Suggested Uses:  Use as is, for water softening, chemical feedstock, or winter deicing.

More Information here

IMG_0523 (002).jpg

Iron Oxide Sludge

10,000 gallons of iron oxide sludge.  Sludge consisting primarily of iron oxides (FeO, Fe2O3) along with other metal oxides (~ 2% aluminum oxide, manganese oxide, and silicon dioxide ) from an aqueous steel cleaning process. The sludge is approximately 79% by weight solids and 11% by weight liquids. The pH of the sludge is between 10 and 11 s.u. The dry material is approximately 98% iron oxide.  

Company: PRO-TEC Coating Company
Location: 5500 Protec Parkway, Leipsic, Ohio, 45856
Suggested Uses: Use as chemical feed stock, process for pigments

More Information here


Marketplace Metrics

Current Metrics:

  • 751 Members

  • 142 Available Material Postings

  • 49 Wanted Material Postings

  • 14 Completed Transactions

  • 3,420,000 pounds (1710 tons) material exchanged/diverted

  • Total member cost savings: $153,175

  • Total Environmental Benefit: 140.4 MTCO2 reduction (U.S. EPA WARM model estimates)

  • Materials diverted from the landfill include plastic bottle caps (4.6 tons), wooden pallets (0.28 tons), E-waste (0.63 tons), plastic drums (7 tons), steel drums (3.75 tons), specialty vermiculite (25 tons), giant magnet (0.1 tons), carbon black (15 tons), spent lime (1624 tons), polypropylene cloth balls (15 tons), sawdust (14.2 tons), and tarps (0.75 tons).

A summary of the benefits of the first four quarters of operation of OMM.

A summary of the benefits of the first four quarters of operation of OMM.

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