August 2019 Update

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace August update

Welcome to our August update on the Ohio Materials Marketplace!

We hope you have visited the new marketplace platform and found it both easier to interact with and mobile friendly.

Last month a new transaction reporting feature was added to the marketplace web page. We realized a significant increase in reported transactions including learning of our first transaction across multiple states. Thank you to both owners and takers for reporting your transactions. Reporting your transaction data is crucial to the continuation of the marketplace.

Here are a few marketplace highlights:

  • We added 7 new members in the month of August.

  • 1083 individual members are now in the marketplace representing 892 companies, organizations, and communities.

  • 7 new material listings.

  • Over 3.7 million pounds diverted from the landfill with over $220,000 in savings to members

Read on for more details, and as always, thanks for being part of our program.

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Materials Available in the Marketplace:

PTR Vertical Baler

Location: Zanesville, Ohio
Suggested Uses: Use as is to compact cardboard for recycling

More Information here.


Amberject 1200 NA Resin

AMBERJET 1200 Na resin is a uniform particle size, high quality, strong acid cation exchanger designed for use in all water treatment applications: softening as well as demineralisation

Location: Akron, Ohio

More Information here.


Compressed Corrugated Paper Dust Pucks

Generated through a briquetting process to reduce waste volume and also to prevent dangerous dust accumulation. Material is generated daily and is currently landfilled.

Location: Fremont, Ohio

More Information here.

paper puck.JPG

Companies in the Marketplace by Industry Type

companies by industry.JPG

Reuse Idea for Items on the Marketplace 

Crumb rubber used for athletic surface paving

Crumb rubber used for athletic surface paving

Tip of the Month: It pays to be a marketplace taker. Three of every four member savings dollars are reportedly due to replacing a new or virgin material with a marketplace material.