July 2019 Update

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace July update

Welcome to our July update on the Ohio Materials Marketplace!

We hope you have visited the new marketplace platform and found it both easier to interact with and mobile friendly.

NOTICE TO NEW MEMBERS: Joining the Material Marketplace is currently a two step process. In the month of July, nearly half of the 28 applicants sent invitation codes failed to activate their accounts. New members approved by Ohio EPA will receive one email with an invitation code to join the marketplace and a second email with a temporary password to access the marketplace. If you have requested to join the marketplace and not responded to either of these emails, please check your inbox and spam filter for the information needed to activate your account. Please let us know if we need to resend the appropriate information.

Here are a few marketplace highlights:

  • We added 15 new members in the Month of July representing 13 new companies, organizations, and communities.

  • 1076 individual members are now in the marketplace representing 885 companies, organizations, and communities.

  • 15 new material listings.

  • Available work tables were the most popular viewed posting.

  • Several new materials have been added to the marketplace including: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, recycling bins, new biohazard bags, clay, gypsum, large work tables, sorted glass wine bottles and more!

Read on for more details, and as always, thanks for being part of our program.

To login to the marketplace click here
If you have questions about your username or password, please email Travis.Limbert@epa.ohio.gov

Materials Available in the Marketplace:

Biohazard Bags (Various sizes)

Company has over 20 cases of unopened cases (200 bags/case) of red and clear biohazard bags that we are looking to donate. Sizes are 16x24 and 26x35.

Location: Powell, Ohio
Suggested Uses: Use as is to contain biological hazards

More Information here.


Assorted Recycling Bins with Wood Bases

Company has upgraded to new recycling program so they have left over bins that are in fair condition that they would hate to see go to waste. Bins are clearly marked to separate bottles, cans, and paper. They could use a good cleaning!

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Suggested Uses: Use as is to sort recyclable material

More Information here.

recycling bins.JPG

Work Tables

Company has (16) 95.5" x 30" work tables available. Six legs per table, each pair of legs is adjustable. Includes brace for one side. Each pair of legs has openings to install outlets. The majority are in great condition, just usual wear and tear. Price negotiable for a small number of units with condition issues. Company is moving locations and has limited space.

Location: Marion, Ohio
Suggested Uses: Use as is

More Information here.


What type of materials are available in the Marketplace?

bar chart.png

Reuse Idea for Items on the Marketplace 

Clay material used for liner

Clay material used for liner

Tip of the Month: Check out the latest postings. There are free items that may be of use to your business.