March 2019 Update

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace February update

Keeping our members in the loop about upcoming events, program improvements, recently uploaded materials and marketplace performance. Here are a few highlights:

  • Breaking News! The Ohio Materials Marketplace will be migrating to a new dynamic platform within the next few months. The new marketplace will feature an improved communication tool and will be mobile friendly to greatly ease the creation of new material posts and speed material searches. Please be on the lookout for future communications as the launch date nears. Thank you for your participation.

  • Several new materials have been added to the marketplace including: asphalt grindings, rigid plastics, corrugated slip sheets, yellow drainage pipe and more! 

  • 1006 members are now in the marketplace

  • The marketplace has helped divert more than 1763 tons (3,526,830 pounds) from the landfill!

  • Ohio EPA will be hosting the Sustainability Conference in Columbus on April 17, 2019. More information about the conference and registration can be found here

Read on for more details, and as always, thanks for being part of our program.

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Materials Available in the Marketplace:

Premix - Bentonite

This material is 75% milled bentonite clay and 25% carbon material (mostly coal). The material comes in the form of 15 bulk bags that weight about 1.5 tons each and 10 pallets of 50 lb bags weight 1 ton each. It is unused material that we just produced too much of and have no home for it currently. The material is free, the only request is that the shipping is covered by the interested party.

Suggested Uses: It can be used in soil amendment to help soil to retain water or used in a blend for fill material.  The original use of this material is for the foundry industry to use as a binder in sand molding systems.

More Information here.


#2HDPE Used Picnic Tabletops and Seats

100 used picnic table tops, 6'x3'; 200 bench seats, 2'x6'. Manufactured by Lifetime Products Inc. 

Suggested Uses:  Could be recycled for HDPE content. 

More Information here.


Bog Fog

Bog Fog is a glycol based product used in fog machines to produce a smoke or fog. Can be used in any water-based fog machine. Product was purchased to be used in ERT simulations at our facility but, was never utilized. We have two, 1 gallon jugs of the product for anyone that could use it.

Suggested Uses: Used an intended in a fog machine.

More Information here.


Marketplace Metrics

Current Metrics:

  • 1006 Members

  • 186 Available Material Postings

  • 66 Wanted Material Postings

  • 3,526,830 pounds (1763 tons) material exchanged/diverted

  • Total member cost savings: $201,954

  • Successful transactions resulting in materials diverted from the landfill include plastic bottle caps, wooden pallets and wood scrap, sawdust, E-waste, plastic drums, steel drums, specialty vermiculite, a giant magnet, carbon black, spent lime, polypropylene cloth balls, tarps, two Siemens Carbon Filtration Units, shelving, conveyor belts, HDPE Scrap and black soldier fly larva oil.

chart (1).png

Reuse Idea for Items on the Marketplace 

Yellow drainage pipe used as chain-link fence cover on a baseball field

Yellow drainage pipe used as chain-link fence cover on a baseball field

Tip of the Month: If you have a material available, be sure to search the marketplace for a taker. You may be surprised to find that a member wanting your material is nearby.