November 2018 Update

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace November update

Keeping our members in the loop about upcoming events, program improvements, recently uploaded materials and marketplace performance. Here are a few highlights:

  • Several new materials have been added to the marketplace including: super sacks, wood pallets, glass pipettes, chemicals for electroplating, cardboard cores, coconut coir and more! 

  • 871 members are now in the marketplace

  • The marketplace has helped divert more than 1757 tons (3,514,390 pounds) from the landfill! 

  • The next Ohio By-Product Synergy Network's meeting will be on December 12, 2018 at Accurate IT in Columbus.

  • Want to receive recognition for your environmental stewardship efforts, check out the Ohio EPA's Encouraging Environmental Excellence Program, now accepting applications.

  • The Recycling & Litter Prevention 2019 Grant Cycle kicked off on October 1, 2018 and closes February 1, 2019. For my information please visit the grant website

Read on for more details, and as always, thanks for being part of our program.

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New Materials Available:

Chemicals for Plating 

There are several types of chemicals for electroplating use of different quantities including nickel plating solutions, nickel carbonate, UCR Zincate and other addititves.  These materials are listed on multiple postings and links are below.

Suggested Uses: Small scale electroplating

Materials available and links to the postings are:
TriValent Chrome Additive-Harshaw
UCR Zincate
Nickel Carbonate
Sodium Metabisulfite (Dry)
Strontium Carbonate
Nickel Plating Solution 
Bright Nickel Plating Solution
Miscellaneous Plating Related Items/Chemicals


Glass Pasteur Pipette

3 small cases of (unused) Pasteur Pipettes each, 2 rubber bulbs included.  Two cases (200 pipettes) are 150 ml Pasteur Pipettes (Type 1 clear glass).  There is also a partial case of 146 ml volume Pasteur Pipettes.

Suggested Uses:  Use in a laboratory (WWTP, business, school); use for art.
More Information here


Cardboard Cores

Cardboard cores generated daily used to support packaging and raw materials.  The cores have the following dimensions:
1.    6" Inside Diameter x 47 1/8" long - 1/2" thick
2.    12" Inside Diameter x 68" long - 1/2" thick
3.    12" Inside Diameter x 48" long - 1/2" thick

Suggested Uses: Use as is to roll a product, concrete post molds, recycling receptacles, art and craft projects, recycle the cardboard 
More Information here


Marketplace Metrics

Current Metrics:

  • 871 Members

  • 161 Available Material Postings

  • 55 Wanted Material Postings

  • 3,514,390 pounds (1757 tons) material exchanged/diverted

  • Total member cost savings: $200,944

  • Materials diverted from the landfill include plastic bottle caps (4.6 tons), wooden pallets (0.28 tons), E-waste (0.63 tons), plastic drums (7 tons), steel drums (3.75 tons), specialty vermiculite (25 tons), giant magnet (0.1 tons), carbon black (15 tons), spent lime (1624 tons), polypropylene cloth balls (15 tons), sawdust (14.2 tons), tarps (0.75 tons), two Siemens Carbon Filtration Units (30 tons), shelving (0.3 tons) and conveyor belts (11.3 tons).


Reuse Idea for Items on the Marketplace 


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