October 2018 Update

Welcome to the Ohio Materials Marketplace October update

Keeping our members in the loop about upcoming events, program improvements, recently uploaded materials and marketplace performance. Here are a few highlights:

  • Several new materials have been added to the marketplace including: vehicle back-up cameras, zeosil fumed silica, plastic cap plugs, pallets, and more! 

  • 831 members are now on the Marketplace.

  • The marketplace has helped divert more than 1740 tons (3,481,790 pounds) from the landfill! 

  • We plan on following up with older postings to determine if they are still accurate and available.  

  • The Ohio By-Product Synergy Network's next meeting will be on December 12, 2018 at Accurate IT in Columbus.

  • Want to receive recognition for your environmental stewardship efforts, check out the Ohio EPA's Encouraging Environmental Excellence Program, now accepting applications.

Read on for more details, and as always, thank you for being part of our program.

To login to the marketplace click here
If you have questions about your username or password, please email Travis.Limbert@epa.ohio.gov.

Record any recycling or reuse transactions that occurred with the help of the marketplace here or email frank.basting@epa.ohio.gov with the details.

New Materials Available:

Cameras with sealed connectors

Five hundred new vehicle back-up cameras with cable lengths from 15" to 21".  They are NTSC Cameras with a sealed  Molex connector 52266-0311.  Currently asking for $1.00 per camera.

Suggested Uses: Use for tow motor, fork lift or vehicle back-up camera or could be used as part of an art exhibit.

More information here


Zeosil fumed silica

600 pounds of zeosil fumed silica bagged and on a pallet.

Suggested Uses:  Can be used as a desiccant, a light abrasive, as an additive for paints, inks, printer toner, adhesives, and resins to adjust viscosity and in cosmetics.

More Information here


Plastic Cap Plugs

New in the box plastic cap plugs. We have 30 boxes with 500 plugs/box for a total of 15000 caps. They are 2 1/2" diameter, 1" deep and orange in color. Believe the material is PET.

Suggested Uses:  The caps could be used for protecting areas in a painting process as either an insert or cover, could be used as cups or material for arts or could be recycled. 

More Information here


Marketplace Metrics

Current Metrics:

  • 831 Members

  • 155 Available Material Postings

  • 55 Wanted Material Postings

  • 3,481,790 pounds (1740 tons) material exchanged/diverted

  • Total member cost savings: $194,979

  • Total Environmental Benefit: 142.2 MTCO2 reduction (U.S. EPA WARM model estimates)

  • Materials diverted from the landfill include plastic bottle caps (4.6 tons), wooden pallets (0.28 tons), E-waste (0.63 tons), plastic drums (7 tons), steel drums (3.75 tons), specialty vermiculite (25 tons), giant magnet (0.1 tons), carbon black (15 tons), spent lime (1624 tons), polypropylene cloth balls (15 tons), sawdust (14.2 tons), tarps (0.75 tons), two Siemens Carbon Filtration Units (30 tons) and shelving.


Reuse Idea for Items on the Marketplace 


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