step 1

Post Available or Wanted Materials 


To foster strong communication and efficient implementation of material reuse opportunities, participants use an online database to post and trade materials. This space provides neutral ground to stimulate creation of innovative reuse solutions.

step 2

We Help Sort Through the Data and Identify Resource Matches

Core to the program is a facilitated process that allows companies to understand each other’s material flows and stimulates collaborative, innovative and business-friendly solutions. What starts as an effort to address your company’s materials challenges quickly becomes a collaboration of companies and entrepreneurs working on ‘our’ by-product issues.

step 3

After a Quick Check of the Feasibility, You Make The Exchange

The project team supports exchanges by leveraging best practices from our extensive case study library, international network of material reuse projects, technical partners and engineering expertise from partner companies. Upon completion of the transaction, the project team will do an analysis on the exchange and report back on the environmental and economic impact.

Have a particularly challenging material with no immediate match? We will expand our network to find a solution or engage entrepreneurs who could use it as a new business feedstock.