Are there any regulations beyond standard business service regulations that apply to obtaining and transporting food waste?

No, there are no regulations beyond standard business service regulations. Food waste is considered a solid waste. Ohio EPA does not have registration or licensing requirements for transporters of solid waste. However, depending on the type of vehicle used, there may be requirements for vehicle registrations from USDOT, which in Ohio are implemented by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). There may also be requirements from the Ohio Department of Taxation for state taxes and some local jurisdictions also require a local registration for tax purposes.

Also, if you foresee moving the food waste across county lines, contact the applicable solid waste management district, especially if they have flow control rules. There may be special requirements for certain situations. For a list of Ohio solid waste districts and contacts, use this link

What do I need to do to ensure my food waste processing operation is following regulations?

Can I sell my compost to a community garden or anyone else? If so, do I need to test the compost?

Ohio EPA’s composting regulations exempt permitting requirements for any composting operation that takes place in an area of 300 square feet or less. The exemption also allows for the use of the resulting compost at any location and does not prohibit the sale of the compost. Testing for agricultural nutrients is not required, but recommended. Laboratories that offer soil testing should also be able to test compost. Local soil and water conservation districts are good resources for laboratory recommendations and insight. The Ohio Department of Agriculture maintains a list of local soil and water conservation districts in Ohio: