Program Participation Requirements  

  • Any company or organization with operations in Ohio that wants to explore new opportunities to transform by-product/waste materials into new products, or secure recycled material streams to reduce use of virgin feedstocks.

  • Run all transactions through the Materials Marketplace platform and report the date completed, quantity, and monetary value if applicable of all program-facilitated transactions within 7 days of transaction completion. If the transaction is an ongoing transaction, also report the frequency at which the transactions occurs (weekly, monthly, etc) and the end date if applicable.

If you would like more information before joining the program, please contact our project team at or Frank Basting at 614-644-3544.

Request for Membership

Please complete the form below. The administrative team will confirm that you are an Ohio business or organization with operations in Ohio. Once confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with a custom invitation code and a link to the full Materials Marketplace sign-in page.

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